Coming up – My Faith in 5 Days

Hi all,

Next week, I’ll be rolling out a new, week-long set of articles on my faith. Without giving too much away, it’ll give me the opportunity to explain something that quite a few people question, and hopefully inform you of a faith that, perhaps, you thought was long gone.

In anticipation, I’m preparing for questions and concerns. It’s been years since I adopted faith as a daily routine, and something I feel strongly about, though it’s not obvious in my actions or lifestyle. I certainly hope you share your thoughts when the time comes. I don’t fear the judgment, don’t take comments on it personally.

See you all Monday!

Peace Be With You

I grew up Catholic.  On Sundays, I heard that title phrase a whole lot. Peace was Jesus’s message, the backbone of the whole sermon most weeks, yet that concept seems to be lost on many these days.

Peace doesn’t mean agreement. It doesn’t mean complacency and it certainly doesn’t mean apathy. Peace means “tranquility,” or “lack of disturbance.” I am a peaceful person by faith,  though I no longer identify as Catholic.  I abhor violence, hubris and hatred. I live like everyday is International Peace Day, but so many just obsess with turmoil and love creating it just to keep our eyes from the potential for peace.

So try, if only today, to shun the aggression, to speak out against hatred and to be above the quagmire that seeks to drag us down. United, we can be better.

Seek wisdom. Find peace.

Marrying My Best Friend

Hi all,

So tonight, at the levy court building, I’ll be marrying my best friend. It’s a long time coming and something I once told myself I’d never do again.

I haven’t been the luckiest at the love thing. I guess the problem was that I tried too hard with the wrong people. I feel confident that a great many know what that’s like, and I consider myself very fortunate indeed to be eating my words right now. I swore I’d never marry again, but when you meet the one you should’ve been with all along, only a fool lets him go.

So I’m holding on to him, and we’ll be leaving here in about an hour to become a single entity in the government’s eyes. In my heart, I know we’ve been a single entity since the very beginning.


Shot To The Heart

Hi all,

I just finished a short story, to be submitted into a few writing contests but would love to share it with you!

Please comment on this post, email me , or get in touch to receive a copy.

Also, a standalone book is underway, as of yet untitled, but it’ll feature some of the aspects you all loved about Emmi’s Pride and Second Saga.

Much love!

Jill Marie Denton

The Hope is Alive

Hi all,

Due to the ridiculous heat on the east coast, my kitchen’s been closed lately. I don’t think anyone can blame me for that, but it’s given me plenty of time to think [a dangerous consequence]. Upcoming nuptials, a pending deal to teach herb and spice classes, a 2-week trip to plan, and surprisingly, requests for Book 2 have been keeping me preoccupied.

I’m still overwhelmed by your affection for these characters you’ve began to know, the females of Second. They’ve been like unborn sisters of mine so long, it’s cathartic to bring them to life on paper. But, before I commit Rai to page, I hope you’ll forgive me for another delay.

I need an agent. A literary agent to be precise. This is the just for financial gains, but also to reach a larger audience. They’ll work to get my pieces in front of large publishers,ones with the global bookstores in their back pockets. Forgive me, but an agent has asked me for more information about Rai’s Proof, and as she’ll only represent unpublished works, I’ve asked to delay publishing Book 2 just a while longer.

Because I promised so many of you that it was in the works, I will send anyone wh I requests it the first 3 chapters of Rai’s book. Please email me. But, guys, this agent thing is a big deal. And I want you to be among the first to have enjoyed these stories, and I want the mass of fans to be much larger, as I think we can all learn a little something about love and loss from these characters.  So bear with me

The hope is alive.


Honoted to Write- What I learned from my Month of Writing

Hi everyone,

It was a productive and interesting month of articles in July and thanks if you were along for the ride. I’ve definitely achieved being concise and also realized something very interesting about being a writer, or so I’m supposed to be.

I have enjoyed writing for so many years, I don’t remember how or when it started exactly. I know a foray into nerd culture by way of DnD  [yes really…] got me into character creation and storytelling though I wrote before then,  also. I never took to reading or writing sci-fi or fantasy, not Tolkien-esque anyway. I prefer characters with more human experiences and attributes to their Super counterparts.

But yesterday I received a pretty big compliment from a 15 year old. Those of you who know teenage girls know what a couple that is. Anyway, she referred to me as “a writer” during an introduction. Not a chef, not in HR, not anything I went to school for or am trained in. “A writer.” And I felt like that was an achievement, that I’m honored to write and to be able to write something people think is worth reading.  And based on your comments and reviews, I think that’s the truth.

What a rush to have others feel confidence in a skill set you thought you had but weren’t sure about. Consider. Your kid’s the cutest because they’re yours. Your sauce is the best because it’s yours. My book? I had confidence I was okay at writing but now I feel validated, appreciated, and what a revelation that is.

So keep going, that’s your morale. And put your skills out there. And one day,  maybe a teenager will define you by the talent you thought was a pipedream.

Thanks, Mr. Smith – Day 31, A Month of Writing


A few days ago, I mentioned an English teacher from my high school years. I was in advanced classes at that time, and took AP Literature and Grammar in my senior year. If not for his tutelage, I wouldn’t have received the 5 on that AP test, either. And yes, I went to culinary school. Don’t ask what I was thinking.

In any case, Mr. Smith, that teacher, commanded his classroom and created a love for English in many of his students. It takes a special teacher to help students understand Shakespeare, Chaucer, and Fitzgerald, one with patience, wit and a little humor. Mr. Smith had all 3 in spades. I recall him waiting until our class settled down before trying to say a word, even if it was five minutes after the bell rang to begin class. He wouldn’t holler for attention, wouldn’t demand anything, but expected his students to act right and if that meant we didn’t get the lesson that day, and that we’d fail the test scheduled at the end of the week, then so be it.

Mr. Smith was an actor, also, and participated in many of the student productions and in shows across the area. I saw him in Fiddler on the Roof at a little dinner theatre during my junior year, though I recall having serious issues dealing with this sudden dichotomy of him as teacher and actor. I had, and still have, more respect for him than any other teachers I encountered, and hope he’s doing well, as I heard he retired a few years back.

An appreciation for language and an affinity for vocabulary have truly helped in my writing, and has made the editing process much easier for those involved. Though I began writing long before I met him, Mr. Smith (he’ll always be Mr. Smith to me) encouraged a love of classic literature and an appreciation of drama that carried me through those years and many thereafter.

To him, and to all the teachers who’ve lingered in the minds of their students long after the last day of school, thanks for all you do. It matters more than any of us think to mention in the moment.